Man Seeking Competition

Most weekends over the past few months have found me glued to the computer screen, turning my wife into a sports widow. I’m not talking about March Madness either. I’ve been watching the US Regional Barista Competitions, which the brilliant organizers (unlike the organizers of the Oscars) have figured out how to live stream […]

Back to Coffee School

Consumer education is an often overlooked and frequently underutilized feature of the specialty coffee industry. Many cafes and roasters provide and participate in a variety of tastings, courses, events and online tools designed to help consumers increase their awareness and appreciation of coffee and their skill in preparing it. Of course, these opportunities aren’t entirely […]

Zombie Runner

Name: Cafe Zombie Location: inside ZombieRunner, 429 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA Rating: 4

I recently drove the family down to Palo Alto to visit some family friends. Of course, the trip had to include a stop-off for yogurt from Fraiche, but as happy I as I am with their Blue Bottle coffee […]

coffee@home: Barefoot Espresso x2

Beans: Element 114 espresso and Santa Clara Decaf Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 3+ and 3-

The four main variables in making good espresso include the quality of the machine, the ability to get a good and consistent grind, the quality and freshness of the beans and one’s barista skills (i.e. the ability to […]

Apples and Coffee and Goats, Oh My!

Name: Flying Goat Coffee Location: 10 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA Rating: 4

As my wife, daughter and I sat munching apple fritters at the Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple Fair, I realized that what I wanted to go with it was a really good cup of coffee. I suggested a trip to Flying Goat, which involved […]

coffee@home: Fazenda São João Brazil

Beans: Brazil Fazenda São João Roaster: Ritual Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

Ritual’s Fazenda São João doesn’t need my recommendation. Chris Baca used it to win the 2008 WRBC as well as take 4th place in the country at the 2008 USBC. Kenneth Davids has scored this coffee an outstanding 92 points. And, Ritual found […]

coffee@home: Barefoot’s Sumatra Gayoland

Beans: Sumatra Gayoland Decaf-water process Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 4–

I picked up this 12 oz bag of Decaf Sumatra Gayoland on my recent trip to Barefoot (even though I vastly prefer getting half pound bags). I cupped it, pulled a few shots with it, and brewed it both via french press and pour over drip. I […]

Barefoot in the Park(ing Lot)

Name: Barefoot Cafe Location: 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

I’ve written about Barefoot’s coffee at a cafe, at home, and at the 2008 WRBC, yet I’m embarrassed to say that, until now, I’ve never been to the Barefoot mothership. Fortunately, fate has a way of shining […]