coffee@home: Belle Espresso

Beans: Belle Espresso Roaster: Klatch Roasters Rating: 4-

I ordered two different coffees from Go Coffee Go on the same day. The first to arrive, in just 2 days, was my order of Belle Espresso from Klatch Roasters. A pretty good turn around time, although not entirely surprising given that Klatch is located in […]

coffee@home: A happy confluence of events

Beans: Panama Carmen Estate Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

It’s hard to know which happy event to begin this piece with so I’ll start instead with a caveat. I will return to my coverage of New Orleans, but felt compelled to interrupt that thread for this important bit of news combined with happy […]

Introducing the Scoop

How much can one person write about coffee? Way too much, if you ask me. After all, there is news from months-old business deals still making waves, staff changes between cafes with real implications for their identity, big deal coffee competitions coming to American shores, rumors on the opening (1,2) of places serving good coffee […]

WRBC 2008, Part 1

Name: The 2008 Western Regional Barista Championship Live-blog (and host): Pacific Bay Coffee Company Locations: Gaia Arts Center, 2120 Alston Way, Berkeley, CA Rating: 4

I’m bucking the trend and starting my review of this year’s 2008 WRBC in advance of my actual visit. I suppose it is a bit unorthodox to review the coffee […]

Location, Location, Location

Name: Coffee Klatch, San Dimas and Rancho Cucamonga Coffee Houses Locations: 806 W. Arrow Hwy, Suite A, San Dimas; and 8916 Foothill Blvd, Suite C, Rancho Cucamonga Roaster: Klatch Roasting Rating: 3 (4 for the coffee; 2 for the cafes)

For those of you not familiar with it, Coffee Klatch has quite a […]