coffee@home: Temple Coffees

Beans: See Below Roaster: Temple Fine Coffee and Tea Rating: see below

Temple Coffee just celebrated their first year as a roaster. This occasion is a sad one for me since somehow during that time, I never actually managed to get up to Sacramento to try their coffee. Of course, I also somehow […]

Feeling the Coffee Tasting Love at Barefoot

It’s been almost a year since I attended the first session of Barefoot Coffee Roaster’s “Foundations of Taste” series at their flagship store in Santa Clara. It was an enjoyable enough experience for me on a Saturday, but because Barefoot is just far enough away to not hover too high on my radar. A […]

The 411 on 504

Name: Cafe 504 Location: 504 Wesley Avenue, Oakland, CA Roaster: Blue Bottle Coffee Company and Ritual Coffee Roasters Rating: 3+

It’s easy to miss Cafe 504. It’s located one block east of Oakland’s Lake Merritt on quiet little Wesley Avenue in a kind of quasi-business district consisting of not much more than a laundromat […]

Electric Cafe

Name: Haus (No website yet) Location: 3082 24th Street, San Francisco, CA Rating: 4-

One might think that the Mission is starting to get high quality coffee saturated with Ritual, Four Barrel, Coffee Bar, and the many wholesale customer who purvey these fine coffees. You’d probably be right, but it’s not as though every […]

Journey to the Center of Beverly Hills

Name: Urth Caffe Location: 267 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA Rating: 2+

The tacky, smoothy poster standing on the sidewalk in front of Urth Caffe’s Beverly Hills store was the first sign that the coffee here might take a back seat. The second was the well lit display case filled with frilly pastries […]

coffee@home: Ecco Caffe Espressos

Beans: Northern Italian Reserve Espresso, Organic SWP Decaffeinated Sumatra Gayo Mountain Roaster: Ecco Caffe Rating: 4-, 3+

During my recent visit to Chocolate Fish Coffee, I picked up two bags of Ecco Caffe coffee – the two blends I tried while visiting. I always enjoy calibrating  my home espresso against a well-prepared rendition by […]

Travel to the Epicenter

Name: Epicenter Cafe Location: 764 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA (b/w 3rd and 4th) Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

In this post, I’d like to announce the discovery of a new species of cafe, whose growth appears to be on the rise, and includes such examples as Dynamo Donuts, Chocolate Fish, and Awaken. […]

The Flight of the Chocolate Fish

Name: Chocolate Fish Coffee Location: 3rd and Q, Sacramento, CA Rating: 4

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review of Mojo Bicycle Cafe. This week found me at Chocolate Fish. I wish I could say that this recent spate of visits to Ecco Caffe-serving institutions was part of a master plan to create […]