New Orleans: CC’s Community Coffee House

Name: CC’s Community Coffee House Location: 941 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA (and other Louisiana locations) Rating: 2

Of all the cafes I visited in the French Quarter during my visit to New Orleans, CC’s Community Coffee House most closely resembles what I imagine people have come to expect in a cafe, given […]


The travel I do for work usually affords me the opportunity to try out good, sometimes even stellar, coffee in far away places. My most recent trip to Anaheim was sadly not one of those. I had a list of places I wish I had visited. I even had some spare time in my schedule. […]

Don’t Judge a Bucks Buying Clover (Part 2)

Name: Starbucks – Small Batch/Clover Service Location: 7 Third Street, San Francisco, CA (and other locations in Boston, Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area) Rating: 3

My previous piece was the backstory. I filled you in on the controversy surrounding Starbucks’ recent purchase of the Coffee Equipment Company and its technological wonder, the Clover […]

Don’t Judge a Bucks Buying Clover (Part 1)

A huge event took place in coffee back in March. Starbucks purchased the Coffee Equipment Company, gaining ownership of its sole product, the Clover 1s brewer. This news was big because the Clover 1s had been adopted and embraced by specialty coffee shops around the country in a kind of grass-roots, coffee revolution sort of […]

The Scoop: Is it the Economy That Makes Us Stupid?

Do We Have Something to Fear?

While Starbucks closing 600 stores is certainly big news, it’s not entirely unexpected. The coffee chain has turned practically cannibalistic in its attempts to gobble up all remaining coffee demand as Stephen Colbert so eloquently illustrates. Plus, given recent competition from budget-minded competitors, McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s no […]

Follow the Intelligentsia Road

Name: Intelligentsia Silver Lake Coffeebar Location: 3922 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Rating: 4

Having been up a considerable portion of the night because my daughter didn’t sleep well was probably the best excuse I could think of for dragging her, my wife, mother and father 45 minutes […]

Bay Area Brazilians (Part 1?)

Beans: Four single origin beans from Brazil and one blend Roasters: Blue Bottle, Ritual Roasters, Ecco Caffe, and Starbucks Rating: 2 – 4

A Little Background Reading Please…

Being the world’s largest coffee producer means that Brazil has a coffee for everyone, regardless of their need or price point. They produce vast […]

Mission Report: Coffee Bar (a preliminary review)

Name: Coffee Bar Location: 1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA (entrance on the corner of Florida and Mariposa) Roaster: Mr. Espresso (find a link to the full review here) Rating: Not Yet Rated

Coffee Bar opened last December in that nebulous neighborhood – Potrero Flats? – located between the Mission District and Potrero Hill. It’s that […]