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Back to Coffee School

Consumer education is an often overlooked and frequently underutilized feature of the specialty coffee industry. Many cafes and roasters provide and participate in a variety of tastings, courses, events and online tools designed to help consumers increase their awareness and appreciation of coffee and their skill in preparing it. Of course, these opportunities aren’t entirely […]

Domo Arigato Mr. Espresso

Roaster: Mr. Espresso Address: 696 Third Street, Oakland, CA Rating: 4-

My visit to Mr. Espresso was probably the most convoluted bit of planning I’ve engaged in for some time. After my full review of Coffee Bar (as opposed to my preliminary one), Luigi Di Ruocco invited me to visit Mr. Espresso’s roasting facility. […]

Give It Up for Gimme!

Name: Gimme! Coffee Locations: 228 Mott Street and 495 Lorimer Street, New York, New York (and several upstate locations) Rating: 4

My relationship with Gimme! Coffee has been fraught with well-intended, but somewhat missed connections. My visit to Lorimer Street took place a short time before the start of this blog. A few months […]

coffee@home: Victrola Trio

Beans: See Below Roaster: Victrola Coffee Roasters (Seattle, WA) Rating: See Below

In these days of mail order coffee, it’s easy enough for a coffee hound such as myself to get top quality coffee delivered from specialty roasters around the country in a matter of days.  Still, like a good hand written letter […]

coffee@home: Ritual Finca El Guayabo, Colombia

(The picture was sadly corrupted)

Beans: Finca El Guayabo Huila, Colombia Roaster: Ritual Roasters Rating: 4 (for espresso, a little less when brewed)

My first encounter with this coffee was at the 2008 Slow Food Nation coffee tasting pavilion where it was prepared for me as a single origin espresso on a LaMarzocco GB/5 […]

coffee@home: CCC’s Kenya Gaturiri Microlot

Beans: Gaturiri Microlot 4851, Nyeri, Kenya Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4

I squeaked in just under the wire on Counter Culture’s August $2 flat rate shipping. I couldn’t resist this Kenyan which had earned a 92 on Coffee Review. It promised a different quality of brightness from what you usually find in a […]

Coffee at Slow Food Nation, Part 3

Name: Slow Food Nation Taste Pavilion Location: Easternmost Pier, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

My first impression of the Taste Pavilion weren’t particularly glowing. It seems that “taking it slow” meant lots of standing in line. The entry line followed the northern boundary of the Fort before taking a sharp 90 degree turn […]

Coffee at Slow Food Nation, Part 2

Slow Food Nation 2008 has come to a close and what a whirlwind weekend it was. The event itself got less mainstream press than I thought it might, with coffee coverage turning out to be even thinner. The most informative segment I saw was this one in the Chronicle, which had a couple of paragraphs […]