Dying to Get to Sightglass

Name: Sightglass Coffee Location: 270 7th Street (at Folsom), San Francisco, CA Roaster: Verve Coffee Roasters (for now) Rating: 4

The literature tells us that there are five states to coping with the existence of “speakeasy cafes.” I’m speaking about those underground coffee carts that operate in seeming guerrilla fashion, either as a temporary coffee […]

Man Seeking Coffee 2.0

Trick or…Coffee?

Halloween activities most typically involve costumes, collecting candy or cavorting in the Castro (or the location du jour), but I, unintentionally, managed to associate Halloween with the anniversary of this blog. That’s right. I started writing Man Seeking Coffee two years ago on October 31, 2007. So I’ll start this post by […]

Specialty’s Specializing in…Coffee?

I remember when Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery used to be something pretty amazing in downtown San Francisco. As Specialty’s has expanded and as sandwich shops (such as The Sentinel) have seriously upped the ante, Specialty’s has dropped a few notches on my list. Still, as sandwich shops go, and for the money, the food […]

Tasting Caffe Trieste

Name: Caffe Trieste Location: 2500 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA (locations in San Francisco, San Jose and Sausalito) Rating: 2+

The original North Beach location of Caffe Trieste introduced espresso to the Bay Area back in the 50’s and was the first cafe, as we know them today, to be remembered and revered by […]

Don’t Judge a Bucks Buying Clover (Part 2)

Name: Starbucks – Small Batch/Clover Service Location: 7 Third Street, San Francisco, CA (and other locations in Boston, Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area) Rating: 3

My previous piece was the backstory. I filled you in on the controversy surrounding Starbucks’ recent purchase of the Coffee Equipment Company and its technological wonder, the Clover […]

Don’t Judge a Bucks Buying Clover (Part 1)

A huge event took place in coffee back in March. Starbucks purchased the Coffee Equipment Company, gaining ownership of its sole product, the Clover 1s brewer. This news was big because the Clover 1s had been adopted and embraced by specialty coffee shops around the country in a kind of grass-roots, coffee revolution sort of […]

Four Barrel Coffee: (Officially) Open for Business

Update (3/1/09): Four Barrel is now roasting.  See the updated review.

Name: Four Barrel Coffee Location: 375 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA Rating: 4 (see updated review noted above)

The wait is finally over.  On August 21st, Four Barrel Coffee (officially) opened for business. I apologize for my somewhat belated review, but let’s […]

Busy Ritual is a Bee in My Bonnet

In case you haven’t noticed, Ritual has been a busy, busy coffee company in the past few months. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on.

Ritual’s new website is online. Amongst other things, it includes some great videos on cupping, brewing and other tips and tricks for appreciating good coffee. Staff have revamped the […]