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coffee@home: Kean’s Kona

Beans: 100% Kona Roaster: Kean Coffee Rating: 4

Largely unschooled in better quality Kona coffees, I was intrigued to see one on the table at Kean’s new Tustin store, and even more interested to see it selling for $20/12oz bag, a veritable bargain for 100% Konas (at least those that are any good). […]

coffee@home: (Barismo) Kenya Kiandu

Bean: Kiandu Lot 8696, Mutheka Co-op, Nyeri, Kenya Roaster: Barismo Rating: 4-

I thought two bags of coffee from Barismo would be about as much as I could consume in the short period of time before some other coffee arrived at my door and so I narrowed my choice to the Linnaean Street Espresso […]

coffee@home: Nimac Kapeh Guatemala

Bean: Nimac Kapeh Atitlan, Guatemala Roaster: Barismo Rating: 3

Along with my bag of Linnaean Street Espresso and Hario mill (in fact, two since I gave one to a friend), I ordered a bag of the Nimac Kapeh coffee from the Atitlan region of Guatemala. I had high hopes for this coffee based on […]

Getting to Joe

Name: Joe the Art of Coffee Locations: Grand Central Terminal (Graybar Passage) and 9 East 13th Street, New York, NY (5 locations in total) Rating: 4-

Of all the cafes I planned to tour while visiting New York, my trip to Joe the Art of Coffee had me most excited. For one reason, I […]

coffee@home: Counter Culture Decaf Peru

Beans: Decaf Valle Del Santuario from San Ignacio Peru Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee (picked up at bluehouse) Rating: 3

On my recent trip to bluehouse, I had them package me some beans to take home. I haven’t tried too many Counter Culture coffees at home and was still riding high on the terrific CCC’s […]

coffee@home: Fazenda São João Brazil

Beans: Brazil Fazenda São João Roaster: Ritual Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

Ritual’s Fazenda São João doesn’t need my recommendation. Chris Baca used it to win the 2008 WRBC as well as take 4th place in the country at the 2008 USBC. Kenneth Davids has scored this coffee an outstanding 92 points. And, Ritual found […]

coffee@home: Barefoot’s Sumatra Gayoland

Beans: Sumatra Gayoland Decaf-water process Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 4–

I picked up this 12 oz bag of Decaf Sumatra Gayoland on my recent trip to Barefoot (even though I vastly prefer getting half pound bags). I cupped it, pulled a few shots with it, and brewed it both via french press and pour over drip. I […]