Espresso is Half the Battle

Name: Joe the Art of Coffee Location: 44 Grand Central Terminal, Graybar Passage, New York, NY Roasters: Ecco Caffe Rating: 3+/4- (depending on the time of day)

My previous post on Joe…er wait…that’s Joe the Art of Coffee said most of what I needed to say about what this micro-chain of cafes  represents […]

City Girl Cafe

Name: City Girl Cafe Location: 63 Thompson Street, New York, NY Roasters: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 3-

As the New York coffee turf battle continues, it seems not unsurprising that Ground Support, an Intelligentsia account, opened up just around the corner from City Girl Cafe, server of Stumptown coffee. I suppose the only […]

Ninth Street Espresso

Name: Ninth Street Espresso Location: 700 East 9th Street, New York, NY Roasters: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Rating: 3

As any article on third wave coffee in the Big Apple will tell you,  Ninth Street Espresso occupies a special place in New York City’s coffee history. Ken Nye opened this cafe back in […]

Ninth…Er…Tenth Street Espresso

Name: Ninth Street Espresso Location: 341 East 10th Street (between A & B), New York, NY (3 Manhattan Locations) Rating: 3+

I still remember my first visit a few years ago to the original Ninth Street Espresso at Ninth and C. It was my first ever exceptional cup of New York coffee and my […]

Good Coffee on the Upper East Side?

Name: Sicaffe Location: 964 Lexington Ave (between 70th and 71st), New York, NY Roaster: Sicaffe Rating: 3

My friends and relatives have just about stopped listening when it comes to my rants about New York coffee. I’m trusting/hoping/assuming that readers of this blog will be more receptive to my complaints. Don’t get me wrong; […]