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On and Off Broadway

Name: Broadway Cafe and Broadway Roasting Company Location: 4106 Broadway and 4012 Washington Street, Kansas City, MO Roasters: Broadway Roasting Company Rating: 3+

While coffee hasn’t quite achieved the feuded-over status of say, barbecue, when it comes to Kansas City cuisine, denizens of this city do have at least two decent sized […]

Coffee in Kentuckiana

Name: Sunergos Coffee Location: 2122 South Preston Street, Louisville, KY Roasters: Sunergos Coffee Rating: 3+

I didn’t have a lot of hope for finding good coffee when I visited Louisville a few weeks back. I was there for a wedding and something of a family reunion so my coffee shop sleuthing hours were […]

Ground Support and Major Zell

Name: Ground Support Location: 399 West Broadway, New York, NY Roasters: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Rating: 3+

What works for a New York cafe when it comes to operating as a successful business is something of a mystery to me. There are countless coffee closets popping up precisely because the rent is so […]

Off to the Races

Name: Camino Location: 3917 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA Roasters: Four Barrel Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee Company Rating: 4-

It’s a common refrain amongst those who obsess over good coffee that well-respected restaurants rarely get the stuff right. At least with espresso, you can understand why the results are often poor. Producing good […]

Kean for Coffee in Tustin

Name: Tustin Coffee House Location: 16381 Newport Avenue, Suite 14, Tustin, CA 92780 Roaster: Kéan Coffee Rating: 4

I visited Kean Coffee’s original Newport Beach location over a year ago. While I liked what they had to offer and was even astounded by their coffee in the store, I had some lingering doubts about their espresso […]

The Grove

Name: The Grove Cafe & Market Location: 600 Central Avenue SE, Suite A, Albuquerque, NM Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Rating: 4-

It’s incredibly humbling to find that even painstaking research can occasionally let you down. In all my recent trips to Albuquerque, I somehow overlooked The Grove. To be fair to myself, I […]

coffee@home: Scrumptious SO Espresso

Beans: Flor Azul, Nicaragua Roaster: Intelligentsia Rating: 4 (espresso), 3 (brewed)

Coffee tasting notes tend to vary in extent and usefulness. Some authors strive for quantity and complexity, others prefer graphically representative precision, while still others develop detailed character studies of their beans. As a rule, I tend to prefer more information to […]

De La Paz and I

Roaster: De La Paz Coffee Address: 933 Treat Avenue, San Francisco, CA Beans and Rating: Peru Norte (3), De La Decaf (2+), Ethiopian Misty Valley Yergacheffe (4), Nicaragua Segovia (4)

I found myself standing outside a nondescript, commercially zoned building in an otherwise residential part of the mission. I was in the right […]