Stumptown in New York

Name: Stumptown Coffee Roasters – NYC Ace Location: 18 West 29th Street (29th and Broadway, next to and with interior access to the Ace Hotel), New York, NY Rating: 4-

Not too many newspapers do good coffee the justice it deserves, which is why I was so happy to see the New York […]

No More Hard Times in New York Town

A few years ago, I may have been excited about a trip to New York, but it wouldn’t have been for the coffee. I (along with many others) have long lamented New York’s lack of good coffee, especially for a city of its size, density and culinary reputation.  Nature abhors a vacuum, however, and […]

coffee@home: Zabar’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Beans: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Roaster: Zabar’s Rating: 2+

I often complain to friends and family about the poor quality of New York City coffee, especially given how it’s a city with so much good food. It’s not so much that there is a lack of good coffee. In fact, good coffee seems to be experiencing […]

The New Blue Bottle Cafe

Name: Blue Bottle Cafe Location: 66 Mint Street (@ Jessie), San Francisco Roaster: Blue Bottle Coffee Company Rating: 4

The opening of Blue Bottle’s new café is the shot (or perhaps drip) heard ‘round the internet this week. “At Last, a $20,000 Cup of Coffee” breaths the New York Times. Laughing Squid […]