Espresso is Half the Battle

Name: Joe the Art of Coffee Location: 44 Grand Central Terminal, Graybar Passage, New York, NY Roasters: Ecco Caffe Rating: 3+/4- (depending on the time of day)

My previous post on Joe…er wait…that’s Joe the Art of Coffee said most of what I needed to say about what this micro-chain of cafes  represents […]

If it’s good enough for George Clooney…

Name: Nespresso Boutique Location: 761 Madison Avenue, New York, NY Roasters: Nespresso Rating: 2+

The bane of any espressophile’s existence are those highly popular, cute little capsules of pre-ground coffee known as pods, which completely remove all elements of craft from the espresso-making experience. The argument goes, that you might was well robotize […]

Improving Coffee for the Everyman

Name: Everyman Espresso Location: 136 East 13th Street (between 3rd and 4th), New York, NY Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 3+

Everyman Espresso embodies Manhattan’s version of “off the beaten path.” This cafe, located conveniently near Union Square and just down the street from the 13th Street Joe the Art of Coffee (where I […]