On and Off Broadway

Name: Broadway Cafe and Broadway Roasting Company Location: 4106 Broadway and 4012 Washington Street, Kansas City, MO Roasters: Broadway Roasting Company Rating: 3+

While coffee hasn’t quite achieved the feuded-over status of say, barbecue, when it comes to Kansas City cuisine, denizens of this city do have at least two decent sized […]

coffee@home: Return to Roasters Club

What the heck is Roasters Club?

Roaster’s Club is a little like Heraclitus‘ river since you never get the same shipment twice. That’s the beauty of this coffee subscription service that I first reviewed last October. Unlike the coffee subscription services provided by most roasters, which offer different coffees by the same roaster, Roaster’s […]

Sacramento’s Merry Old Soul

Name: Old Soul Company Location: 1716 L Street, Rear Alley and 812 21st (21st and H) Street, Sacramento, CA Rating: 3 (a 3+ for the espresso)

It’s comforting to know that California lawmakers and folks heading up to Tahoe can count on our State capital for good coffee. There’s Temple, which, by all […]

coffee@home: CCC’s Decaf Zaragoza Mexico

Beans: Decaf 21st de Septiembre, Zaragoza, Mexico Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4

This direct trade, organic, shade-grown, natural water process, Mexican from the 21st de Septiembre co-op was the other bag of coffee in my recent order from Counter Culture. You may remember this coffee from my glowing review of Woodberry Kitchen’s coffee […]

coffee@home: Flying Goat’s Mexican Decaf

Beans: Mexican Decaf Roaster: Flying Goat Coffee Rating: 3

I picked up this decaf while at Flying Goat a few weeks back. They had two in stock – a Sumatran and the Mexican. Given my recent success with a delicious decaf Mexican at Woodberry Kitchen, I figured I’d give the Mexican a try.

This […]

coffee@home: Counter Culture Decaf Peru

Beans: Decaf Valle Del Santuario from San Ignacio Peru Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee (picked up at bluehouse) Rating: 3

On my recent trip to bluehouse, I had them package me some beans to take home. I haven’t tried too many Counter Culture coffees at home and was still riding high on the terrific CCC’s […]

Woodberry Kitchen

Name: Woodberry Kitchen Location: 2010 Clipper Park Road, No. 126, Baltimore, MD Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 3+

Before heading off to Baltimore, I had found what looked like a recent addition to the their budding coffee scene. Artifact Coffee, as it was known, looked like a beautiful, modern space and their folks clearly knew […]

A Man Wanders into Winning…

Name: Winning Coffee Company Location: 111 Harvard Drive SE, Albuquerque, NM Roaster: Winning Coffee Company Rating: 2

I learned on my recent trip to Albuquerque that the 2008 USBC is happening there right now! Of course, the “B” in this case stands for “bowling” and not “barista,” but this realization isn’t as disappointing for […]