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Venice: A Coffee Bar? Not a Coffee Bar?

Name: Venice Coffee Bar Location: 1331 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Rating: 4

I first experienced Intelligentsia’s Venice Coffee Bar back in May 2009. That visit – the grand opening party – was monumental in that it was the first glimpse that most folks were getting of this much […]

Beauty in a Bargain

Name: Sit and Wonder (no website yet) Location: 688 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Rating: 4-

Sitting there, I couldn’t help but wonder how long this cafe could manage to keep selling coffee at $1 a cup. Granted, you’re not going to spend $2 to schlep across the greater Metropolitan area just to save […]

The Intelligentsia Opening That Almost Wasn’t

Intelli-Venice Ain’t Got the Power

In case you’ve missed the buzz (1,2), last Friday was the Grand Opening Party for Intelligentsia‘s newest cafe on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. The irony, of course, is that the cafe is not yet open. Doug Zell, himself, recently posted about how Intelligentsia is still waiting for […]

Drinking in a Coffee Cathedral

Name: Knave in Le Parker Meridien Location: 119 West 56th Avenue, New York, NY Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 3-

I’m honestly unsure what the owners of Le Parker Meridian were thinking when they installed this coffee “kiosk” in the 57th street lobby. This foyer-come-coffee bar in the spirit of a European cathedral entertains […]

Sacramento’s Merry Old Soul

Name: Old Soul Company Location: 1716 L Street, Rear Alley and 812 21st (21st and H) Street, Sacramento, CA Rating: 3 (a 3+ for the espresso)

It’s comforting to know that California lawmakers and folks heading up to Tahoe can count on our State capital for good coffee. There’s Temple, which, by all […]


The travel I do for work usually affords me the opportunity to try out good, sometimes even stellar, coffee in far away places. My most recent trip to Anaheim was sadly not one of those. I had a list of places I wish I had visited. I even had some spare time in my schedule. […]

Napoli Coffee

Name: Napoli Coffee Location: 2839 Carlisle Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM Roasters: Batdorf and Bronson and Caffe Umbria Rating: 2+

Napoli Coffee enjoys a brisk and friendly local business. At least, that was my take during the couple of hours I spent there doing some work one morning. I watched a steady flow of customers […]

Barefoot in the Park(ing Lot)

Name: Barefoot Cafe Location: 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

I’ve written about Barefoot’s coffee at a cafe, at home, and at the 2008 WRBC, yet I’m embarrassed to say that, until now, I’ve never been to the Barefoot mothership. Fortunately, fate has a way of shining […]