Movin’ On Up

UPDATE (10/19/10): Luna Espresso is now closed.

Name: Luna Espresso Location: 1593 1st Avenue, New York, NY Roasters: Caffe Pronto Rating: 3+

My most recent trip to New York, a few months ago now, was a short one, and didn’t leave a lot of time for coffee exploration. Despite being left red-eyed from […]


Name: Ortine Location: 622 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Rating: 2+

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get to new coffee shops in New York, but not because there aren’t any from which to chose. It’s because one becomes quickly overwhelmed by choice. The small stretch of Washington Avenue in Brooklyn between Atlantic and […]

No Love Lost with La Colombe

Name: La Colombe Torrefaction Location: 319 Church Street, New York, New York Rating: 2+

My most recent tour of Philadelphia coffee (now badly in need of an update) never did include a visit to La Colombe. I was well aware of its reputation as a Philadelphia landmark whose coffee is subscribed to by […]

The Philadelphia Coffee Story: Introduction

There’s plenty to give Philadelphia a unique flavor besides the cheesesteak. The city is entrenched in American History that infuses the place with a kind of ornery spirit about the way things get done. And it’s just a theory, but I’m convinced that all those narrow rowhouses and tiny streets must have left, ala […]