coffee@home: Kean Decaf Sidamo

Beans: Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf Roaster: Kéan Coffee Rating: 4

Decaffeinating coffee is an intensive and expensive undertaking. Only a few places around the world decaffeinate coffee and the process wreaks havoc on a coffee’s flavors and aromas. To complicate matters, demand for decaf is low while the final sale price is typically the same […]

coffee@home: Kean’s Kona

Beans: 100% Kona Roaster: Kean Coffee Rating: 4

Largely unschooled in better quality Kona coffees, I was intrigued to see one on the table at Kean’s new Tustin store, and even more interested to see it selling for $20/12oz bag, a veritable bargain for 100% Konas (at least those that are any good). […]

coffee@home: Kean’s Espresso

Beans: Espresso Blend Roaster: Kean Coffee Rating: 4

After my positive experience with this espresso in the Tustin shop, I was glad to get a bag home and start running it through the ringer.

I started off by cupping it, which revealed a complicated array of flavors and aromas that now has me […]

Kean for Coffee in Tustin

Name: Tustin Coffee House Location: 16381 Newport Avenue, Suite 14, Tustin, CA 92780 Roaster: Kéan Coffee Rating: 4

I visited Kean Coffee’s original Newport Beach location over a year ago. While I liked what they had to offer and was even astounded by their coffee in the store, I had some lingering doubts about their espresso […]

coffee@home: Kean’s Beans

Beans: Sumatra Blue Batak, Rwanda Karaba, and Decaf Peru Cafe: Kean Coffee Rating: 3

My consultation with Ted, the roaster, at Kean led me to the Rawanda Karaba and the Blue Batak (I had been interested in the Blue Batak having read about it elsewhere). I also got the Peruvian Decaf which I […]

COffee in the OC: Part 1

Name: Newport Beach Coffee House Location: 2043 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA Roaster: Kéan Coffee Rating: 4

I keep forgetting that Orange County – my destination over the holidays – isn’t really a part of the greater LA Metropolitan area. I also keep forgetting that even within LA, distances between “neighborhoods” constitute what most […]