Restoring My Faith in Indy Coffee

Name: Hubbard & Cravens Coffee and Tea Location: 6229 Carrollton Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220 (and 4 other Indianapolis locations) Rating: 3+

I’m not sure why the best coffee I had during my Indianapolis visit – the other previously mentioned spots weren’t so hot – produced the cruddiest pictures. Perhaps it was the fault of […]

Mo’Joe Indy

Name: Mo’Joe Coffeehouse Location: 222 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN Rating: 2+

The apostrophe laden variation of this Indianapolis cafe shouldn’t be confused with San Francisco’s Mojo Bicycle Cafe (who has switched from Ecco Caffe to a combination of Ritual coffee and De La Paz espresso – a reversal of minimalist Haus) or the countless other cafe’s using […]

Back Home Again

Name: Camden Food co. and Copper Moon Coffee Company Location: Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis, IN Rating: 2-

Flying into Indianapolis, recently, felt a bit like the Prodigal Son returning home. I haven’t been back for a few years now that my parents are no longer there, and my time away hasn’t exactly been spent […]