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Simon’s Coffee Shop

Name: Simon’s Coffee Shop Location: 1736 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA Roasters: Barismo and Terroir Rating: 3

Simon’s Coffee Shop isn’t too far from Diesel or 1369 when it comes to cafe classifications. Inside is a nice version of your standard coffeehouse with worn wooden floors, a pressed tin ceiling, slightly touched up original […]

Getting My Kicks On Route 66

Name: The Coffee House Location: 203 W. Coal Avenue, Gallup, NM Rating: 2-

The drive from Albuquerque to Gallup is a long one, especially late at night, and neither the drive nor the destination held much promise for good coffee. I’m not sure about you, but facing such deprivation starts to make me a […]

coffee@home: (Barismo) Kenya Kiandu

Bean: Kiandu Lot 8696, Mutheka Co-op, Nyeri, Kenya Roaster: Barismo Rating: 4-

I thought two bags of coffee from Barismo would be about as much as I could consume in the short period of time before some other coffee arrived at my door and so I narrowed my choice to the Linnaean Street Espresso […]

coffee@home: Nimac Kapeh Guatemala

Bean: Nimac Kapeh Atitlan, Guatemala Roaster: Barismo Rating: 3

Along with my bag of Linnaean Street Espresso and Hario mill (in fact, two since I gave one to a friend), I ordered a bag of the Nimac Kapeh coffee from the Atitlan region of Guatemala. I had high hopes for this coffee based on […]