coffee@home: Gimme’s Leftist

Beans: Leftist Espresso Blend Roaster: Gimme! Coffee Rating: 3+

Gimme! recently shipped me of some of their Leftist espresso in what felt like a covert operation, although a more objective observer might simply describe it as convoluted.  Gabe from Gimme! thought I might appreciate this blend after reading my review of Gimme’s Mott Street Cafe and the Brazil beans I […]

Give It Up for Gimme!

Name: Gimme! Coffee Locations: 228 Mott Street and 495 Lorimer Street, New York, New York (and several upstate locations) Rating: 4

My relationship with Gimme! Coffee has been fraught with well-intended, but somewhat missed connections. My visit to Lorimer Street took place a short time before the start of this blog. A few months […]

No More Hard Times in New York Town

A few years ago, I may have been excited about a trip to New York, but it wouldn’t have been for the coffee. I (along with many others) have long lamented New York’s lack of good coffee, especially for a city of its size, density and culinary reputation.  Nature abhors a vacuum, however, and […]

Good Coffee on the Upper East Side?

Name: Sicaffe Location: 964 Lexington Ave (between 70th and 71st), New York, NY Roaster: Sicaffe Rating: 3

My friends and relatives have just about stopped listening when it comes to my rants about New York coffee. I’m trusting/hoping/assuming that readers of this blog will be more receptive to my complaints. Don’t get me wrong; […]

Off to Oslo…

Name: Oslo Coffee Company Location: 133 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY Rating: 3 3-

It was 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, getting dark and cold outside. Me? I had been sitting in my father-in-law’s car for nearly two hours, my daughter sleeping peacefully in the back. I was ready to get out. I had […]