coffee@home: Three Ethiopians from 49th Parallel

Beans: See Below Roaster: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Rating: 3+ to 4- (see below)

I wish there was a more visual way for me to map out the Slacker-esque way I ended up possessing these three Ethiopian coffees from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. It started with On the Road to Epiphany’s original posting […]

coffee@home: Stumptown Wondo

Beans: Ethiopian Wondo Roaster: Stumptown (via Four Barrel Coffee) Rating: 3+

In what very well may be the last of my Stumptown purchases from Four Barrel (1,2), I grabbed this bag of Ethiopian Wondo from the shelves during a fit of not knowing what else to grab. My primary goal at the time was to […]