Nothing Easy About Finding (Good) Coffee in New Orleans

My family (wife and daughter plus parents, brother and his partner) spent the Christmas holiday together in New Orleans. We indulged in touristy endeavors – a stroll along the river, the Natchez River cruise, the Audobon Zoo, the Aquarium, and wandering around the French Quarter. We ate some great food including beignets at Cafe […]

Man Seeking The Shot: A Trip to Dynamo Donuts

UPDATE: Four Barrel Coffee is roasting their own coffee and Dynamo is now using it. I haven’t run a more recent review of the coffee, but see my reviews of Four Barrel for some suggested insight into what you might expect.

Name: Dynamo Donuts Location: 2760 24th Street (b/w Hampshire and York), San Francisco, […]

coffee@home: Stumptown’s Ethoipian Koratie

Beans: Ethiopian (Organic) Sidamo Koratie Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 3+

I asked the guys behind the counter at Four Barrel Coffee for something floral. Without hesitation, they pointed to the Ethiopian Koratie. That sounded good to me. I had read some pretty glowing reviews of this stuff on Bean Chaser and Chemically Imbalanced. […]

Coffee at Slow Food Nation, Part 3

Name: Slow Food Nation Taste Pavilion Location: Easternmost Pier, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

My first impression of the Taste Pavilion weren’t particularly glowing. It seems that “taking it slow” meant lots of standing in line. The entry line followed the northern boundary of the Fort before taking a sharp 90 degree turn […]