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Get Your Fixe

Name: Cafe Fixe Location: 1642 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA Roasters: Barrington Coffee Roasters and Guest Roaster Rating: 4-

Cafe Fixe deserves more than it’s about to get in this review given their commitment to well-prepared coffee and a decent array of brewing options, but there are times when my brain simply grows weary […]

coffee@home: Paradise Romance Blend

Beans: Romance Blend Roaster: Paradise Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

I would hazard a guess that Paradise Coffee Roasters, based in Ramsey, Minnesota was founded by some individuals desperate to get away from a long Minnesotan winter. The Jimmy Buffetesque packaging isn’t one I’d necessarily gravitate towards, especially when the coffee is called Romance, […]

coffee@home: Novo’s Washed Amaro

Beans: Ethiopia Amaro Gayo Washed Roaster: Novo Coffee Rating: 4-

The second coffee I ordered from Go Coffee Go was this Washed Ethiopia Amaro Gayo from Novo Coffee in Denver, whose Arvada and Denver Art Museum cafes (not to be confused with the kiosks inside the DAM) I last visited over two years ago. […]

The Philadelphia Coffee Story: Crescent Moon

[sadly, no picture]

Name: Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea Location: 141 Bridgeton Pike, Store D, Mullica Hill, NJ Roaster: Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea Rating: 3

Further adding to the enigma of Philadelphia coffee is Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea. At least two tips pointed me in the direction of Crescent Moon as a great […]

Happy about Grumpy

Name: Cafe Grumpy Location: 224 West 20th Street, Manhattan, NY Roasters: Multiple/Rotating including Novo (espresso) and Grumpy Rating: 4

My botched attempt to cup coffee with the New York Coffee Society put me in a deep-seated funk so I took the opportunity the next day to seek out my coffee namesake, Café Grumpy. Of […]