coffee@home: Apollo Espresso

Beans: Apollo Espresso Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4-

A prominent gap in this blog’s coffee coverage is the absence of reviews for Counter Culture Coffee’s two signature espresso blends: the brighter, zestier Aficionado and the darker, sweeter Toscano. I’ve written about each from time to time during east coast cafe visits (since […]

Sipity Do Dah

Name: Sip Cafe Location: Zero Post Office Square, Boston, MA Roasters: Terroir and Rotating Guest Roaster Rating: 4-

One place I’d suggest you go for coffee in Boston is Sip, a greenhouse-like structure, situated downtown, at the southern end of Post Office Square Park. If you’re like I was, you may be suspicious. […]

A Chip Off the Old Spruce Street

Name: Ultimo Coffee Bar Location: 1900 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4-

One secret to any good culinary sleuthing is understanding an establishment’s staffing pedigree. If key staff of your selected establishment have worked for high-quality institutions, they ideally carry some of that prior establishment’s sensibility with them. This […]

Sips Sans Simon

Update: Simon Sips has closed. Blue Bird Cafe, still using Counter Culture has opened in the same space.

Name: Simon Sips Location: 72 East 1st Street, New York, New York Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 3

There’s a reason I tend not to hob-knob with coffee industry folks, and it’s not just because I don’t […]

Drinking in a Coffee Cathedral

Name: Knave in Le Parker Meridien Location: 119 West 56th Avenue, New York, NY Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 3-

I’m honestly unsure what the owners of Le Parker Meridian were thinking when they installed this coffee “kiosk” in the 57th street lobby. This foyer-come-coffee bar in the spirit of a European cathedral entertains […]

The Ostess with the Mostess

Name: Ost Cafe Location: 441 East 12th Street, New York, NY Rating: 3

Ost Cafe opened just three weeks prior to my visit. It’s new arrival made it an ideal stop to gauge the changing New York Coffee scene, even if it also meant that Ost was still warming up in the dugout…or whatever […]

Have You Hugged Your Espresso Today?

Name: Abraço Espresso Location: 86 East 7th Street (near 1st Ave.) New York, NY Rating: 3+

Abraço surely wins the award on this trip, or perhaps period, for tiniest cafe with good coffee. The space inside for customers isn’t more than a few feet wide and a few more long, and the space behind […]

coffee@home: Battle of the Brandmeester

Beans: Espresso Aficionado (click here for a serviceable translation) Roaster: Brandmester’s Koffie Rating: 2+

Through no particular principled decision, Man Seeking Coffee has, until now, remained an entirely domestic endeavor. It’s not that I haven’t consumed my fair share of coffee in other countries. It’s simply that my trips abroad all occurred prior to […]