From Farm:Table to Irving Farm

Name: Irving Farm Coffee Company Location: 56 7th Avenue, New York, NY (2 other locations at 71 Irving Place and in Millerton, NY) Rating: 3-

I had elaborate coffee touring plans laid out for my recent trip to New York which included visits to many of the new cafes opening like wildfire […]

Getting to Joe

Name: Joe the Art of Coffee Locations: Grand Central Terminal (Graybar Passage) and 9 East 13th Street, New York, NY (5 locations in total) Rating: 4-

Of all the cafes I planned to tour while visiting New York, my trip to Joe the Art of Coffee had me most excited. For one reason, I […]

Man Seeking The Shot: A Trip to Dynamo Donuts

UPDATE: Four Barrel Coffee is roasting their own coffee and Dynamo is now using it. I haven’t run a more recent review of the coffee, but see my reviews of Four Barrel for some suggested insight into what you might expect.

Name: Dynamo Donuts Location: 2760 24th Street (b/w Hampshire and York), San Francisco, […]