coffee@home: Four Barrel Coffees

Beans: See Below Roaster: Four Barrel Coffee Rating: see below

It’s been quite a while – far too long – since I’ve actually reviewed Four Barrel at Four Barrel, but I have been tasting their coffees quite regularly both at Modern Coffee, Subrosa and the occasional cupping event. Fortunately for me, the mountain […]

coffee@home: Kean Decaf Sidamo

Beans: Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf Roaster: Kéan Coffee Rating: 4

Decaffeinating coffee is an intensive and expensive undertaking. Only a few places around the world decaffeinate coffee and the process wreaks havoc on a coffee’s flavors and aromas. To complicate matters, demand for decaf is low while the final sale price is typically the same […]

coffee@home: Stumptown Decaf

Beans: Decaf House Roaster: Stumptown (via Four Barrel Coffee) Rating: 4

When it rains, it pours. That seems to fit the weather around here this past week – that and (relatively) frigid temperatures.  Of course, what I had in mind with that cliche remark wasn’t weather, but decaf coffee. Recently, I’ve found the […]

coffee@home: Ecco Caffe Espressos

Beans: Northern Italian Reserve Espresso, Organic SWP Decaffeinated Sumatra Gayo Mountain Roaster: Ecco Caffe Rating: 4-, 3+

During my recent visit to Chocolate Fish Coffee, I picked up two bags of Ecco Caffe coffee – the two blends I tried while visiting. I always enjoy calibrating  my home espresso against a well-prepared rendition by […]

coffee@home: CCC’s Decaf Zaragoza Mexico

Beans: Decaf 21st de Septiembre, Zaragoza, Mexico Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4

This direct trade, organic, shade-grown, natural water process, Mexican from the 21st de Septiembre co-op was the other bag of coffee in my recent order from Counter Culture. You may remember this coffee from my glowing review of Woodberry Kitchen’s coffee […]

coffee@home: Flying Goat’s Mexican Decaf

Beans: Mexican Decaf Roaster: Flying Goat Coffee Rating: 3

I picked up this decaf while at Flying Goat a few weeks back. They had two in stock – a Sumatran and the Mexican. Given my recent success with a delicious decaf Mexican at Woodberry Kitchen, I figured I’d give the Mexican a try.

This […]

coffee@home: Kean’s Beans

Beans: Sumatra Blue Batak, Rwanda Karaba, and Decaf Peru Cafe: Kean Coffee Rating: 3

My consultation with Ted, the roaster, at Kean led me to the Rawanda Karaba and the Blue Batak (I had been interested in the Blue Batak having read about it elsewhere). I also got the Peruvian Decaf which I […]