coffee@home: Belle Espresso

Beans: Belle Espresso Roaster: Klatch Roasters Rating: 4-

I ordered two different coffees from Go Coffee Go on the same day. The first to arrive, in just 2 days, was my order of Belle Espresso from Klatch Roasters. A pretty good turn around time, although not entirely surprising given that Klatch is located in […]

Bay Area Brazilians (Part 1?)

Beans: Four single origin beans from Brazil and one blend Roasters: Blue Bottle, Ritual Roasters, Ecco Caffe, and Starbucks Rating: 2 – 4

A Little Background Reading Please…

Being the world’s largest coffee producer means that Brazil has a coffee for everyone, regardless of their need or price point. They produce vast […]

WRBC 2008, Part 2

Name: The 2008 Western Regional Barista Championship Host: Pacific Bay Coffee Company Location: Gaia Arts Center, 2120 Alston Way, Berkeley, CA Rating: 4

The 2008 Western Regional Barista Competition took place this past weekend in my hometown of Berkeley. Of course, the fact that I’m only just now getting around to posting my summary […]

Location, Location, Location

Name: Coffee Klatch, San Dimas and Rancho Cucamonga Coffee Houses Locations: 806 W. Arrow Hwy, Suite A, San Dimas; and 8916 Foothill Blvd, Suite C, Rancho Cucamonga Roaster: Klatch Roasting Rating: 3 (4 for the coffee; 2 for the cafes)

For those of you not familiar with it, Coffee Klatch has quite a […]