A Cupping Extravaganza

What I’m not attempting to do

It’s not entirely clear where the right place is to begin when discussing the coffee cupping event I attended last Saturday. I’d like not to spend time discussing the pros and cons of coffee cupping as either a brew method, tasting technique or public relations tool. I’d also not […]

Back to Coffee School

Consumer education is an often overlooked and frequently underutilized feature of the specialty coffee industry. Many cafes and roasters provide and participate in a variety of tastings, courses, events and online tools designed to help consumers increase their awareness and appreciation of coffee and their skill in preparing it. Of course, these opportunities aren’t entirely […]

coffee@home: Zabar’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Beans: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Roaster: Zabar’s Rating: 2+

I often complain to friends and family about the poor quality of New York City coffee, especially given how it’s a city with so much good food. It’s not so much that there is a lack of good coffee. In fact, good coffee seems to be experiencing […]

Busy Ritual is a Bee in My Bonnet

In case you haven’t noticed, Ritual has been a busy, busy coffee company in the past few months. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on.

Ritual’s new website is online. Amongst other things, it includes some great videos on cupping, brewing and other tips and tricks for appreciating good coffee. Staff have revamped the […]

coffee@home: Barefoot’s Sumatra Gayoland

Beans: Sumatra Gayoland Decaf-water process Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 4–

I picked up this 12 oz bag of Decaf Sumatra Gayoland on my recent trip to Barefoot (even though I vastly prefer getting half pound bags). I cupped it, pulled a few shots with it, and brewed it both via french press and pour over drip. I […]

coffee@home: Ecco Reserve Espresso

Beans: Ecco Reserve Espresso Roaster: Ecco Caffe Rating: 4

I picked up a bag of Ecco Caffe’s Ecco Reserve Espresso at the recent 2008 WRBC, a somewhat short-sighted move on my part since my home espresso setup is currently non-existent. So I did what I could, cupping it, pressing it and doing a […]

coffee@home: Michael Thomas Coffee Three

Beans: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia Yergacheffe Roaster: Michael Thomas Coffee Rating: 2 to 3

My flight home from Albuquerque was truly pleasant – the smell of fresh coffee wafted from my bag every time it was bumped. I imagine that my seat neighbors either hated me or wanted to rip open my bag […]

Happy about Grumpy

Name: Cafe Grumpy Location: 224 West 20th Street, Manhattan, NY Roasters: Multiple/Rotating including Novo (espresso) and Grumpy Rating: 4

My botched attempt to cup coffee with the New York Coffee Society put me in a deep-seated funk so I took the opportunity the next day to seek out my coffee namesake, Café Grumpy. Of […]