A Million Things to Say About LAMILL

Name: LAMILL Location: 1636 Silverlake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA Rating: 3+

LAMILL is not your ordinary cafe. It’s a full service restaurant that happens to focus intensely on and roast its own coffee. I’d loosely classify it as a cousin of Blue Bottle’s Cafe or perhaps the new Intelligentsia Venice when you consider range […]

New Orleans: Cafe Du Monde

Name: Cafe Du Monde Location: French Market, 800 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA (and other locations) Rating: 2 (but definitely go for the beignets!)

As touristy as it is, a trip to New Orleans wouldn’t be complete without a wait in line for beignets and chicory coffee at Café Du Monde. This place […]

Nothing Easy About Finding (Good) Coffee in New Orleans

My family (wife and daughter plus parents, brother and his partner) spent the Christmas holiday together in New Orleans. We indulged in touristy endeavors – a stroll along the river, the Natchez River cruise, the Audobon Zoo, the Aquarium, and wandering around the French Quarter. We ate some great food including beignets at Cafe […]