A New Standard…for a Corner Deli

Name: Brooklyn Standard Location: 188 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 3-

Not far from Lucky Shot Espresso lies Brooklyn Standard, an ordinarily looking New York deli serving pleasantly updated deli fare. The atmosphere, setup and overall aesthetic to the shop resembles more or less what you might find at […]


Name: Ortine Location: 622 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Rating: 2+

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get to new coffee shops in New York, but not because there aren’t any from which to chose. It’s because one becomes quickly overwhelmed by choice. The small stretch of Washington Avenue in Brooklyn between Atlantic and […]

I’ll be at El Beit

Name: El Beit Location: 158 Bedford Avenue (b/w 8th and 9th), Brooklyn (Williamsburg), New York Rating: 4

I’m hoping my last two and a half months of New York cafe visits haven’t confused or mislead too many folks. I was only there for about a week and still happily reside in the East Bay. […]

Root Hill Cafe

Name: Root Hill Cafe Location: 262 Fourth Ave, Brooklyn, NY Rating: 3

As advisable as a visit to Root Hill Cafe might be, walking all the way down Fourth Avenue from Atlantic is not. Not only it is it a longer walk than it may seem on the map, but it’s not very scenic, […]

Happy about Grumpy

Name: Cafe Grumpy Location: 224 West 20th Street, Manhattan, NY Roasters: Multiple/Rotating including Novo (espresso) and Grumpy Rating: 4

My botched attempt to cup coffee with the New York Coffee Society put me in a deep-seated funk so I took the opportunity the next day to seek out my coffee namesake, Café Grumpy. Of […]

Coffee@Home: Oslo

Bean: Thor and Decaf Blend Cafe: Oslo Coffee Company Rating: 2

On my recent trip to Oslo Coffee, I bought half pound each of their Thor and decaf espresso blends. They were reasonably priced at, I think, $5.50/half pound. The Thor was decent, but not truly impressive. Try as I might, I just couldn’t coax […]

Off to Oslo…

Name: Oslo Coffee Company Location: 133 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY Rating: 3 3-

It was 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, getting dark and cold outside. Me? I had been sitting in my father-in-law’s car for nearly two hours, my daughter sleeping peacefully in the back. I was ready to get out. I had […]