Nothing Easy About Finding (Good) Coffee in New Orleans

My family (wife and daughter plus parents, brother and his partner) spent the Christmas holiday together in New Orleans. We indulged in touristy endeavors – a stroll along the river, the Natchez River cruise, the Audobon Zoo, the Aquarium, and wandering around the French Quarter. We ate some great food including beignets at Cafe […]

Holiday Shopping Procrastinators Unite!

With just 5 days until the start of Chanukah and 9 days until Christmas, my house has nary a present in sight. I believe that I can now wear my procrastinators club badge in full display as I rapidly wrack my brain for gift ideas and put off any  purchases until the actual last minute. […]

COffee in the OC: Part 2

Name: Kaffa! Location: 424 S. Main Street, Orange, CA Roaster: City Bean Rating: 3

My mother had been raving for months about this cafe she accidentally discovered on the way to the drug store, but while I love her dearly and respect her opinion on many things, she’s not on the top of my […]