Dying to Get to Sightglass

Name: Sightglass Coffee Location: 270 7th Street (at Folsom), San Francisco, CA Roaster: Verve Coffee Roasters (for now) Rating: 4

The literature tells us that there are five states to coping with the existence of “speakeasy cafes.” I’m speaking about those underground coffee carts that operate in seeming guerrilla fashion, either as a temporary coffee […]

Local Art. Schmokel Art.

Name: Blue Bottle SFMOMA Roaster: Blue Bottle Coffee Company Location: Sculpture Garden, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA Rating: 4-

Many cafes take a great deal of pride in supporting local art. Sometimes the art is good, but often times it’s not. While the correlation isn’t perfect, I think its safe to say that the quality […]

Here Comes Local 123

Name: Local 123 Location: 2049 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA Roaster: Multiple, including: Coava, Flying Goat Coffee, Verve Rating: 4

(Update: 10/19/10 – See comments)

I have to admit that the arrival of Local 123 took me something by surprise. It’s not that I hadn’t been eagerly waiting for a cafe of this […]

Busy Ritual is a Bee in My Bonnet

In case you haven’t noticed, Ritual has been a busy, busy coffee company in the past few months. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on.

Ritual’s new website is online. Amongst other things, it includes some great videos on cupping, brewing and other tips and tricks for appreciating good coffee. Staff have revamped the […]

De La Paz and I

Roaster: De La Paz Coffee Address: 933 Treat Avenue, San Francisco, CA Beans and Rating: Peru Norte (3), De La Decaf (2+), Ethiopian Misty Valley Yergacheffe (4), Nicaragua Segovia (4)

I found myself standing outside a nondescript, commercially zoned building in an otherwise residential part of the mission. I was in the right […]

There’s a Cole in My Coffee

Name: Cole Coffee Location: 6255 College Ave & 307 63rd Street, Oakland, CA Rating: 2+ 3- (see update below)

It was a couple of years ago, when Royal Coffee (the green coffee importers and a major supplier for roasters in the western half of the US and not to be confused with the […]

Pay No Attention to the Sign Above the Door

UPDATE: Broken Door has closed. See Comment Section below.

Name: Broken Door Espresso Location: 231 East Santa Clara Street (across from City Hall), San Jose, CA Rating: 3+

Even if it is starting to become cliche to build back alley cafes, I still enjoy the thrill of sleuthing out semi-hidden locations. I even have […]

coffee@home: Into the Blue Again

Beans: Misty Valley Ethiopian Yergacheffe and Peru Apram Roaster: Blue Bottle Coffee Company Rating: 3 and 3-

We all have our coffee first loves, but with coffee, you don’t have to make a lifelong commitment to a roaster and there’s really no stigma against cheating. You may get upset from time to time with […]