The Subrosa is out of the Bag

Name: Subrosa Coffee Location: 419 40th Street (at Webster), Oakland, CA Roaster: Four Barrel Coffee Rating: 4-

Subrosa literally means under the rose. However, the term also denotes secrecy, as the the owners of Subrosa Coffee have indicated in a footnote on their web page and by their understated presence on this strip […]

Man Seeking Coffee 2.0

Trick or…Coffee?

Halloween activities most typically involve costumes, collecting candy or cavorting in the Castro (or the location du jour), but I, unintentionally, managed to associate Halloween with the anniversary of this blog. That’s right. I started writing Man Seeking Coffee two years ago on October 31, 2007. So I’ll start this post by […]

Here Comes Local 123

Name: Local 123 Location: 2049 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA Roaster: Multiple, including: Coava, Flying Goat Coffee, Verve Rating: 4

(Update: 10/19/10 – See comments)

I have to admit that the arrival of Local 123 took me something by surprise. It’s not that I hadn’t been eagerly waiting for a cafe of this […]

Travel to the Epicenter

Name: Epicenter Cafe Location: 764 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA (b/w 3rd and 4th) Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

In this post, I’d like to announce the discovery of a new species of cafe, whose growth appears to be on the rise, and includes such examples as Dynamo Donuts, Chocolate Fish, and Awaken. […]

Not Your Father’s Breakroom Coffee

Name: The Breakroom Cafe Location: 300 13th Street, Oakland, CA (Downtown) Roaster: De La Paz Coffee Rating: 3

I haven’t confirmed it, but I think the owners of The Breakroom christened their cafe, tongues firmly in cheek. First of all, this cafe is not down the hall from your office; in fact, it’s fairly […]

Downtown Oakland Coffee Finally Wakes Up

Name: Awaken Cafe Location: 414 14th Street, Oakland, CA (Downtown) Roaster: Taylor Maid Farms Rating: 3+

Whether it was the reign of Jerry Brown, the recent housing boom, or the fact that it has simply taken nearly 20 years to recover from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, downtown Oakland is finally starting to be […]