Terroir Coffee

Name: Terroir Coffee and the George Howell Coffee Company
Roasting Facility: 312 School Street, Acton, MA

Wholesale Clients:

2 comments to Terroir Coffee

  • David

    I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with Terroir, which I’ve had many times at both Simon’s (until about a year and a half ago) and Crema. It used to be very inconsistent–sometimes good, sometimes very good, sometimes not good at all. Now, the problem may be with Crema, the only coffee house I go to (and hardly ever anymore) that serves it. But I think more likely it’s Terroir, because I recently had a wonderful cup of counterculture at Crema (special deal), yet in the last year, I’ve been to Crema maybe eight times, and I’ve had to dump every cup I’ve had.

  • Woot, I will cetrlinay put this to good use!

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