Scarlett City Coffee Roasting

Name: Scarlett City Coffee Roasting
Location: Oakland, CA

Wholesale Clients:

3 comments to Scarlett City Coffee Roasting

  • charliepress

    Buy this coffee!! A very, very small coffee roasting operation based in Oakland, CA, but I have tried basically every roaster in the Bay Area, and hands down, this is my favorite roast. I’m a big fan of Ethiopian Coffee, and Jen St. Hilaire, the owner and roaster, has a coffee from the only woman-ownded miller and exporter of coffee in Ethiopia called Amaro Gayo, and it’s really an amazing cup! The roast is light without being flavorless. And if you cannot pick up the coffee at the roastery, you can swing by her workplace in Berkeley during a break and get it (as well as mail order). I think Scarlet City may be amongst the smallest of the micro-roasters in the Bay Area, so please support Jen and Scarlet City and go order some coffee!!

  • I second that. I’m biased, though. Go Jen!

  • My family is a coffee-loving family. We make it a point to try out every coffee place, in search of the best-tasting roasted coffee blend ever. I’d like to try this place out!

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