Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea

Name: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea
Roasting Facilities and Training Locations:


  • Broadway Coffee Bar (Chicago)
  • Monadnock Coffee Bar (Chicago)
  • Millennium Park Coffee Bar (Chicago)
  • Pasadena (LA)
  • Silverlake Coffee Bar (LA)
  • Venice Coffee Bar (1,2) (LA)

Wholesale Clients:

Guest Rotations:


Classes and Events:

10 comments to Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea

  • Pieter du Toit

    Do you have a Cafe in London?

    • Are you asking whether Intelligentsia has a cafe in London or whether I do? The answer to either question is “no.” I don’t have any cafes and Intelligentsia doesn’t have any in London. Intelligentsia may have some cafes in London that carry their coffee, but I’m not aware of them. I’d suggest writing the company.

  • Michelle Forster

    For Pieter, in case you’re still looking. I was at Kaffe 1668 in NY last week, had the best espresso of my life, bought a packet of intelligentsia coffe to take home with me, and the lovely chap at the counter recommended Square Mile coffee for when I’m back in London. So, you may want to try that instead.

  • Georgia

    I just saw the LX NY television program in New York City. Where is that Coffee Bar? I have to go there.

  • Jake

    Do you know if there are any cafes in the DC area that carry their coffee?

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  • Name the best independant coffee house and/or roaster in your state. My favorite roaster is Counter Culture coffee in Durham, NC and my favorite coffee venue is A Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC. (Please- No franchises like Starbucks, Carribou, etc……) My favorite roaster out of state is Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago, IL.

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