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Blue Bottle Coffee Company


Name: Blue Bottle Coffee Company
Roasting facilities:

  • 300 Webster Street, Oakland, CA
  • 160 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York

James Freeman opened Blue Bottle Coffee Company in 2002 after working as both a professional musician and doing a short stint in dot-com world. A veteran home roaster for several years prior, Freeman embodies the Bay Area culinary dream. He started his tiny roasting facility in the alcove off the court yard of Dona Tomas (where I used to buy beans), added a coffee cart operating one day a week at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market and several carts, kiosks, cafes and roasting facilities later (the intermediate, hard to find, warehouse location was near Emeryville) has become one of the forefathers of the Bay Area’s culinary coffee scene and coffee media darling. Even if Blue Bottle was superseded by quality, Bay Area, institutions such as Mr. Espresso and bigger roasters in other parts of the country such as Intelligentsia, Counter Culture Coffee and Stumptown, there’s no denying that James Freeman has been integral in preparing the Bay Area for a new wave of quality coffee. Blue Bottle has been so successful that James Freeman has now expanded to New York City.


Wholesale Clients: