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This page is more of a place-holder than source of coffee advice or guidance. What it aims to do is serve as a parent page for the individual roaster pages that housed beneath it.

The idea is to create another, perhaps more useful, organizational tool for winding your way through the hundreds of posts contained on this blog. Categories, tags and searches work to a point, but tend to capture too many posts since a post that simply so much as mentions a given roaster might show up in your search. These roaster pages serve as a tool to direct you to reviews I’ve written on any cafes by a particular roaster or who are a wholesale client of that roaster. In other words, an individual roaster page serves as an anchor point to all cafes using that roasters coffee.

If you’re saying to yourself that this effort seems a little roaster-centric, you’re right. In case you haven’t surmised it from reading this blog, I gladly admit to that bias. What roaster a cafe chooses, to me, is one of the single biggest indicators of cafe quality from a consumer perspective. There are other factors, of course, but I’d argue that the quality of the roaster is the variable most highly correlated with the cluster of other factors that translate into quality in the cup. Shops that use coffee from good roasters are typically on the upper end of the spectrum of coffee quality and the same tends to be true in reverse (although not typically to the same degree).

With that said, you can access these roaster pages both below and through the menu above. You also may occasionally find yourself directed back here from a post. I hope this improves your coffee seeking experience.