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  • The Roasterie Cafe
    5 of 5 stars

    Unquestionably, The Roasterie Cafe is the best around the KC area, with expert roasting done in-house, lovely and spacious facilities, skilled and pleasant baristas (baristi?), and now two locations. I have found nothing to match it in the KC area, and regularly drive a stretch to relax and enjoy their exceptional products & service.

    The original location is just South of the downtown area (6223 Brookside Boulevard) and they are opening a new location in Overland Park. Check it out! It hits all the right notes, and rates with the best cafes in the US.

    Robert (a frequent visitor to this location)

    P.S. THANKS so much for generously documenting and sharing your cafe recommendations!

  • sct

    broadway cafe is my favorite. this is my hometown and when i go back to visit i always go here. i always get the espresso, but the brewed coffee is quite good as well, if you prefer that.

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