Journey to the Center of Beverly Hills

Name: Urth Caffe Location: 267 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA Rating: 2+

The tacky, smoothy poster standing on the sidewalk in front of Urth Caffe’s Beverly Hills store was the first sign that the coffee here might take a back seat. The second was the well lit display case filled with frilly pastries […]

Have You Ever Looked for a MoonBean?

Name: MoonBeans Coffee Location: 5401 N. 10th Street (@Dove), McAllen, TX 78504 Rating: 2+

I have to thank the fine members of Coffee Geek for pointing me in the right direction on this trip. I was headed to McAllen, Texas and fearing the worst when a double recommendation came my way – Moonbeans Coffee […]

Top Secret Coffee

Name: Gold Street Caffe Location: 218 Gold Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM Rating: 2-

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Prince posted this rumor on Twitter. Ever since, I’ve been eagerly looking about for signs of this Intelligentsia purchuse to the point of actually considering absurd hypotheses. The sight of a Southwest airlines seatback card […]

Getting My Kicks On Route 66

Name: The Coffee House Location: 203 W. Coal Avenue, Gallup, NM Rating: 2-

The drive from Albuquerque to Gallup is a long one, especially late at night, and neither the drive nor the destination held much promise for good coffee. I’m not sure about you, but facing such deprivation starts to make me a […]

No Love Lost with La Colombe

Name: La Colombe Torrefaction Location: 319 Church Street, New York, New York Rating: 2+

My most recent tour of Philadelphia coffee (now badly in need of an update) never did include a visit to La Colombe. I was well aware of its reputation as a Philadelphia landmark whose coffee is subscribed to by […]

Split Thinking: Drinking with a Coffee Callosotomy

Name: Think Coffee Location: 1 Bleeker Street and 248 Mercer Street, New York, New York Rating: 2+

Think Coffee’s socially responsible imperatives looked good on a paper cup but didn’t do much to get me in the door. The big deterrent for me was the fact that despite producing well designed materials, offering […]


Name: MudTruck Location: Astor Place (4th Avenue and 8th Street), New York, NY (as well as other truck and cafe locations) Rating: 2+

Just two to three years ago, I hailed MudTruck as one of the better cups of coffee in New York. I never LOVED it, but for a dollar a cup, it […]

coffee@home: Battle of the Brandmeester

Beans: Espresso Aficionado (click here for a serviceable translation) Roaster: Brandmester’s Koffie Rating: 2+

Through no particular principled decision, Man Seeking Coffee has, until now, remained an entirely domestic endeavor. It’s not that I haven’t consumed my fair share of coffee in other countries. It’s simply that my trips abroad all occurred prior to […]