coffee@home: Wake the Fuck Up

Beans: Wake the Fuck Up Coffee Roaster: Unknown Rating: 1

I don’t tend to spend time reviewing coffees that I don’t think I’ll like, but sometimes I’m sent coffees that I can’t ignore. Such was the case with Wake the Fuck Up Coffee, a coffee brand and concept, more than a particular coffee, that […]


The travel I do for work usually affords me the opportunity to try out good, sometimes even stellar, coffee in far away places. My most recent trip to Anaheim was sadly not one of those. I had a list of places I wish I had visited. I even had some spare time in my schedule. […]

Is it possible to be as bad as Bad Ass?

Name: Bad Ass Coffee Location: 965 F Highway 550, Bernalillo, NM Roaster: Bad Ass Coffee Company Rating: 1+

I’ve been in aesthetically unpleasant cafes and visited shops that just couldn’t make a decent cup of coffee. While I’ve felt sorry for these businesses and often puzzled by their inability to fix their problem, I […]

To “Bleagh” or not to “Bleagh”: A New Twist on Hotel Room Coffee

Name: Double Tree Hotel Location: 3203 Quebec Street, Denver, CO Rating: 1+

In the great coffee hierarchy, the stuff you find in on that tray in the bathroom of most hotel rooms tends to rank just above that thick brew baking on the back burner at a truck stop. The only thing hotel room […]