coffee@home: Neptune Coffee

Beans: Nepspresso and Guatemala Huehuetenango Roaster: Neptune Coffee Roasters Rating: (as yet unrated) and 3

A little while back, Dan from Neptune Coffee in Seattle got in touch about sending a couple of a samples my way. The cafe has recently started roasting its own and he wanted to get my take. The […]

coffee@home: Rockford/Herkimer Espresso

Beans: Rockford Coffee Espresso Blend Roaster: Herkimer Coffee Rating: 3

One of Man Seeking Coffee’s honorary field agents was savvy enough to escape from Bozeman, Montana with this fine sample in tact. The bag had no indication of roast date, which may have mattered for espresso, but not for our hodge-podge first method […]

coffee@home: Fuel/Vita

Beans: Fuel Coffee Blend Roaster: Caffe Vita Rating: 3-

The final coffee included in the recent Man Seeking Coffee line-up of coffee from Seattle (1,2) was this espresso blend, roasted by Caffe Vita, but which hails from Fuel Coffee whose beautifully designed logo seems to attract quite a bit of attention, at least from […]

coffee@home: Victrola Trio

Beans: See Below Roaster: Victrola Coffee Roasters (Seattle, WA) Rating: See Below

In these days of mail order coffee, it’s easy enough for a coffee hound such as myself to get top quality coffee delivered from specialty roasters around the country in a matter of days.  Still, like a good hand written letter […]

coffee@home: A happy confluence of events

Beans: Panama Carmen Estate Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

It’s hard to know which happy event to begin this piece with so I’ll start instead with a caveat. I will return to my coverage of New Orleans, but felt compelled to interrupt that thread for this important bit of news combined with happy […]

coffee@home: Stumptown Wondo

Beans: Ethiopian Wondo Roaster: Stumptown (via Four Barrel Coffee) Rating: 3+

In what very well may be the last of my Stumptown purchases from Four Barrel (1,2), I grabbed this bag of Ethiopian Wondo from the shelves during a fit of not knowing what else to grab. My primary goal at the time was to […]

coffee@home: Stumptown Decaf

Beans: Decaf House Roaster: Stumptown (via Four Barrel Coffee) Rating: 4

When it rains, it pours. That seems to fit the weather around here this past week – that and (relatively) frigid temperatures.  Of course, what I had in mind with that cliche remark wasn’t weather, but decaf coffee. Recently, I’ve found the […]

Pondering the Third Wave Expansion

I find it a little surprising sometimes that prominent, high quality (OK, let’s just say it – “third wave”) cafe/roasters have opened as few shops as they have. Take the Big Bay area players, for example, which have no more than a large handful of stores combined. Blue Bottle appears to be in the lead […]