coffee@home: Evocation Coffees

Beans: Spitfire Espresso and Guatemala Trapachitos Roaster: Evocation Coffee Roasters Rating: 4- and 3

A not so secret perk of running a blog is that a lot of people like to send you stuff. The often unexamined aspect of this perk is that much of the stuff that people want to send you […]

coffee@home: Wake the Fuck Up

Beans: Wake the Fuck Up Coffee Roaster: Unknown Rating: 1

I don’t tend to spend time reviewing coffees that I don’t think I’ll like, but sometimes I’m sent coffees that I can’t ignore. Such was the case with Wake the Fuck Up Coffee, a coffee brand and concept, more than a particular coffee, that […]

Have You Ever Looked for a MoonBean?

Name: MoonBeans Coffee Location: 5401 N. 10th Street (@Dove), McAllen, TX 78504 Rating: 2+

I have to thank the fine members of Coffee Geek for pointing me in the right direction on this trip. I was headed to McAllen, Texas and fearing the worst when a double recommendation came my way – Moonbeans Coffee […]

coffee@home: Return to Roasters Club

What the heck is Roasters Club?

Roaster’s Club is a little like Heraclitus‘ river since you never get the same shipment twice. That’s the beauty of this coffee subscription service that I first reviewed last October. Unlike the coffee subscription services provided by most roasters, which offer different coffees by the same roaster, Roaster’s […]