Pondering the Third Wave Expansion

I find it a little surprising sometimes that prominent, high quality (OK, let’s just say it – “third wave”) cafe/roasters have opened as few shops as they have. Take the Big Bay area players, for example, which have no more than a large handful of stores combined. Blue Bottle appears to be in the lead […]

Don’t Judge a Bucks Buying Clover (Part 2)

Name: Starbucks – Small Batch/Clover Service Location: 7 Third Street, San Francisco, CA (and other locations in Boston, Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area) Rating: 3

My previous piece was the backstory. I filled you in on the controversy surrounding Starbucks’ recent purchase of the Coffee Equipment Company and its technological wonder, the Clover […]

Don’t Judge a Bucks Buying Clover (Part 1)

A huge event took place in coffee back in March. Starbucks purchased the Coffee Equipment Company, gaining ownership of its sole product, the Clover 1s brewer. This news was big because the Clover 1s had been adopted and embraced by specialty coffee shops around the country in a kind of grass-roots, coffee revolution sort of […]

coffee@home: Stumptown’s Ethoipian Koratie

Beans: Ethiopian (Organic) Sidamo Koratie Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 3+

I asked the guys behind the counter at Four Barrel Coffee for something floral. Without hesitation, they pointed to the Ethiopian Koratie. That sounded good to me. I had read some pretty glowing reviews of this stuff on Bean Chaser and Chemically Imbalanced. […]