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Get the DISK, Man

Product: DISK Company: Coava Coffee Roasters

For as long as I’ve had my Aeropress, I’ve searched for alternative filters.  The paper filters designed for the Aeropress have never tasted satisfactory to me, even with a good rinsing beforehand.  I’ve cut up Chemex filters, but that’s a bit too much work on a regular basis.  […]

I Couldn’t Work a Conehead Reference Into This Title

Product: kone Company: Coava Coffee Roasters

While a long list of phrases could accurately be used to describe specialty coffee for 2010, to me, the past year largely stands out as the peak of the resurgence of pour over brewing. The Hario V60 family, Chemex Brewers, Abid Clever Coffee Dripper and even the Beehouse […]

coffee@home: Guatemala La Concepcion Buenavista

Beans: Guatemala La Concepcion Buenavista Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 3+

Occasionally I have a strong opinion about what coffee I want (or don’t want) when I’m buying beans. That was even more the case a few years back when the pickings were slimmer and I was frequently rotating amongst different coffees from one […]

coffee@home: Hair Bender

Beans: Hair Bender Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

A true metaphysical puzzle for any coffee roaster is how to name a signature blend. The challenge is that the components of any blend change, both seasonally and from year to year (I’m not even considering variation from roast to roast). With single origins, the […]

coffee@home: A happy confluence of events

Beans: Panama Carmen Estate Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Rating: 4

It’s hard to know which happy event to begin this piece with so I’ll start instead with a caveat. I will return to my coverage of New Orleans, but felt compelled to interrupt that thread for this important bit of news combined with happy […]

coffee@home: Stumptown Wondo

Beans: Ethiopian Wondo Roaster: Stumptown (via Four Barrel Coffee) Rating: 3+

In what very well may be the last of my Stumptown purchases from Four Barrel (1,2), I grabbed this bag of Ethiopian Wondo from the shelves during a fit of not knowing what else to grab. My primary goal at the time was to […]

coffee@home: Yin and Yang

Beans: Kenya Muburi Kirinyaga and Guatemala Finca Semillero Roaster: Ritual Roasters & Stumptown (via Four Barrel Coffee) Rating: 4 & 4-

This post isn’t a Ritual vs. Stumptown taste test even though it does compare one coffee from each of these two roasters. What I’m hoping to illustrate with this comparison are the […]

coffee@home: Stumptown Decaf

Beans: Decaf House Roaster: Stumptown (via Four Barrel Coffee) Rating: 4

When it rains, it pours. That seems to fit the weather around here this past week – that and (relatively) frigid temperatures.  Of course, what I had in mind with that cliche remark wasn’t weather, but decaf coffee. Recently, I’ve found the […]