coffee@home: Apollo Espresso

Beans: Apollo Espresso Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4-

A prominent gap in this blog’s coffee coverage is the absence of reviews for Counter Culture Coffee’s two signature espresso blends: the brighter, zestier Aficionado and the darker, sweeter Toscano. I’ve written about each from time to time during east coast cafe visits (since […]

coffee@home: CCC’s Decaf Zaragoza Mexico

Beans: Decaf 21st de Septiembre, Zaragoza, Mexico Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4

This direct trade, organic, shade-grown, natural water process, Mexican from the 21st de Septiembre co-op was the other bag of coffee in my recent order from Counter Culture. You may remember this coffee from my glowing review of Woodberry Kitchen’s coffee […]

coffee@home: CCC’s Kenya Gaturiri Microlot

Beans: Gaturiri Microlot 4851, Nyeri, Kenya Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee Rating: 4

I squeaked in just under the wire on Counter Culture’s August $2 flat rate shipping. I couldn’t resist this Kenyan which had earned a 92 on Coffee Review. It promised a different quality of brightness from what you usually find in a […]

coffee@home: Counter Culture Decaf Peru

Beans: Decaf Valle Del Santuario from San Ignacio Peru Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee (picked up at bluehouse) Rating: 3

On my recent trip to bluehouse, I had them package me some beans to take home. I haven’t tried too many Counter Culture coffees at home and was still riding high on the terrific CCC’s […]

coffee@home: Colombia La Golondrina

Bean: La Golondrina Odair Achipiz Micro-lot, Cauaca, Colombia Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee (purchased at Octane Coffee Bar and Lounge) Rating: 4

My visit to Octane coincided with my home supply running low. A perfect chance to try some Counter Culture beans at home – something I had thus far managed not to do. […]