Top Secret Coffee

Name: Gold Street Caffe Location: 218 Gold Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM Rating: 2-

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Prince posted this rumor on Twitter. Ever since, I’ve been eagerly looking about for signs of this Intelligentsia purchuse to the point of actually considering absurd hypotheses. The sight of a Southwest airlines seatback card […]

The Grove

Name: The Grove Cafe & Market Location: 600 Central Avenue SE, Suite A, Albuquerque, NM Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Rating: 4-

It’s incredibly humbling to find that even painstaking research can occasionally let you down. In all my recent trips to Albuquerque, I somehow overlooked The Grove. To be fair to myself, I […]

A Man Wanders into Winning…

Name: Winning Coffee Company Location: 111 Harvard Drive SE, Albuquerque, NM Roaster: Winning Coffee Company Rating: 2

I learned on my recent trip to Albuquerque that the 2008 USBC is happening there right now! Of course, the “B” in this case stands for “bowling” and not “barista,” but this realization isn’t as disappointing for […]

Napoli Coffee

Name: Napoli Coffee Location: 2839 Carlisle Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM Roasters: Batdorf and Bronson and Caffe Umbria Rating: 2+

Napoli Coffee enjoys a brisk and friendly local business. At least, that was my take during the couple of hours I spent there doing some work one morning. I watched a steady flow of customers […]

Is it possible to be as bad as Bad Ass?

Name: Bad Ass Coffee Location: 965 F Highway 550, Bernalillo, NM Roaster: Bad Ass Coffee Company Rating: 1+

I’ve been in aesthetically unpleasant cafes and visited shops that just couldn’t make a decent cup of coffee. While I’ve felt sorry for these businesses and often puzzled by their inability to fix their problem, I […]

Satellite Coffee

Name: Satellite Coffee Location: 2300 Central Ave SE (at Harvard), Albuquerque, NM (and 4 other Albuquerque locations) Roaster: Satellite Coffee Rating: 2+

Stepping into one of Albuquerque’s five Satellite Coffee locations made me think of an historical re-enactment of what it must have been like for a 70’s Seattle-ite to step into one of […]

coffee@home: Michael Thomas Coffee Three

Beans: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia Yergacheffe Roaster: Michael Thomas Coffee Rating: 2 to 3

My flight home from Albuquerque was truly pleasant – the smell of fresh coffee wafted from my bag every time it was bumped. I imagine that my seat neighbors either hated me or wanted to rip open my bag […]

Querque Cafe, Nice Coffee

Name: Michael Thomas Coffee Locations: 1111 Carlisle Blvd., SE, Albuquerque, NM

Roaster: Michael Thomas Coffee

Rating: 3 3+ (see update below)

As I pulled up to Michael Thomas Coffee, I couldn’t shake the twisted rendition of The Talking Heads’ “Stay Up Late,” forming inside my head. Dr. Oliver Sacks would probably ascribe […]