Secret Barista Man

Name: New York Training Lab Location: 594 Broadway, Suite 909A, New York, NY Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea

It seemed obvious enough how to find the Intelligentsia New York Training Lab as I entered 594 Broadway, a nondescript, but otherwise obvious building in the lower portion of Manhattan. “Suite 909A” was posted on the […]

coffee@home: Intelligentsia Los Inmortales and El Machete

Beans: Los Inmortales El Salvador and El Machete, Panama Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Rating: 3+ and 4-

At the risk of sounding like a total Intelligentsia shill – having recently touted both Culture and Third Rail – I’ll go ahead and give my plug for these two fine coffee from Intelligentsia. Of course, […]

coffee@home: Colombia Micay

Beans: Finca Santuario Colombia: Micay Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Rating: 4-

I picked this coffee up at the The Grove in Albuquerque, waffling between it and the Agua Preta from Brazil. I ultimately picked the Colombian (and, yes, Colombia is spelled correctly as I learned) coffee largely because I was intrigued by the descriptor “licorice root.” […]

coffee@home: A Tale of Two Anjilanakas

Beans: Anjilanaka, Bolivia Black Cat Espresso Roast & Anjilanaka, Bolivia regular roast Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Rating: 4-

For many of you, this coffee needs no introduction.  If you are not one of those people, then let me clarify that this coffee, or at least the espresso-roasted version of it pictured on the left […]

coffee@home: Return to Roasters Club

What the heck is Roasters Club?

Roaster’s Club is a little like Heraclitus‘ river since you never get the same shipment twice. That’s the beauty of this coffee subscription service that I first reviewed last October. Unlike the coffee subscription services provided by most roasters, which offer different coffees by the same roaster, Roaster’s […]

coffee@home: Scrumptious SO Espresso

Beans: Flor Azul, Nicaragua Roaster: Intelligentsia Rating: 4 (espresso), 3 (brewed)

Coffee tasting notes tend to vary in extent and usefulness. Some authors strive for quantity and complexity, others prefer graphically representative precision, while still others develop detailed character studies of their beans. As a rule, I tend to prefer more information to […]

Pondering the Third Wave Expansion

I find it a little surprising sometimes that prominent, high quality (OK, let’s just say it – “third wave”) cafe/roasters have opened as few shops as they have. Take the Big Bay area players, for example, which have no more than a large handful of stores combined. Blue Bottle appears to be in the lead […]

Mail-Order Sommelier

Even Man Seeking Coffee Gets the Blues

Once in a while, even this man gets tired of seeking coffee. Some days I wake up and hope to find a good cup of coffee that required no research on my part. No thinking, yet something new, different and interesting. I suppose I’d have to change […]