Gimme a Coffee Blogging Break

Let’s call a spade a spade.  I’ve been a bad blogger and my own attempts at self-reform have apparently failed miserably.  My lack of writing is not due to a lack of coffee consumption or travel.  I have a sizable backlog of posts, dating back well over a year, which include some pretty high-profile, much sought-out cafes and roasteries.  The fact is that I’m presently at some risk of getting crushed under the pile of photographs and notes that towers above me on my desk.

Life, however, has recently taken hold of my calender, leaving me with much less free time than I’d prefer.  It’s also thrown some real doozies my way, that still have me spinning.  I keep trying to talk with life.  I say, “Life, who’s in charge here.  Just cut me some slack.”  I’ve been finding that life just doesn’t want to listen.

The long and the short of it is that I need a little coffee-blogging sabbatical.  I need to take some time to regroup, recharge my batteries and avoid some blogging burn out.  Don’t worry, I don’t envision getting rid of this blog and I won’t be laying down the mantle of self-appointed guide for coffee tourists.  I have no plans to stop drinking coffee or to cease seeking it out when I travel.  I just may not be reporting regularly on what I find, at least not in my usual, long form.

During my temporary stand down, you’ll still be able to contact me via email and follow me on twitter.  In fact, if you’ve been paying attention to my whereabouts recently, my habits won’t change that much from what they’ve been (I haven’t been blogging anyway).  With that grand announcement finally off my chest, I bid you adieu.  I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

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71 comments to Gimme a Coffee Blogging Break

  • Totally understandable! Seems like life just rushes by…but don’t stay away too long! Would be a shame to let your blog die…

  • I really like your blog here. Hoping that you’d be back with more passion and fervor soon. Here’s looking forward to your future posts.


  • I enjoyed your posts, I hope you get back to blogging soon. I like reading about all your trips to different coffee shops. I know there are plenty more out there. Hope to see some more posts from you up in the future.

  • Brian

    How goes the blogging sabbatical?

  • Hey there, just stumbled across this website and I really, really enjoy it. Wishing you were still around.


  • Good luck, hope the break goes well. Hopefully you’ll return one day but all best till then!

  • Jeremy

    I hope the break works out for you! I am hoping you will make your return soon!

  • Any chance of reviving the blog again?

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  • I like you style of blogging. Always interesting to read :)

  • Get back with the biggest fish out there
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  • Sorry to hear you’re a bit tied up right now! I think it’s always important to have a break, you’ll probably come back with more motivation and ideas!

  • If you’d like a guest post for simply having one, I’d be interested in writing a coffee-related blog!

  • I guess you Coffee Break is a long one. Hope you are enjoying it.

  • Coffee breaks are sometimes necessary to get you back in the mood and it works as a catalyst to get you back to work with lots more energy. So wish you the best of luck my friend.:)

  • Good post. When will you return to blogging? Looking for more post from you. Thnx.

  • Don’t let it get you down! There’s really not much point in having a blog unless you have life experiences that fuel them, and it sounds like you’re primarily working on the latter at the moment, and that makes sense!

  • Ari

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    • You’ve really impressed me with that answer!

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    • I saw the article, too. Corg!atsnAnd thank you so much for the awesome online book link. I’m definitely checking that out with my little reader (and dog lover) tomorrow. :)

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      • Du seiler opp i det organisatoriske geomatikkmiljøet i Norge: Geoforum, geunrrom-konfeoafse, profileringsarbeid, samt blogger her og der. Og jeg synes det er kjempebra at noen tar pÃ¥ seg disse rollene og fÃ¥r et nytt perspektiv inn i ting!Gratulerer!

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    • My love for ancient and medieval history began with D&D. My love for firearms and the modern military, though fueled by Top Secret, started with my parents and extended family.

    • Le 29/08/2011 à 22h09 Moi j’aime bien cette tendance, après il faut choisir les pièces. J’ai le top La Redoute (le 6) et je le conseille, super agréable à porter, et il fait pas du tout teenager contrairement à ce qu’on pourrait penser. Le fait que ce soit pas du "sweatwhirt" et un top en satin, ça change la donne.Pour le look rockabilly dont on parle beaucoup, c’est parfait!

    • Mmmmm, visst är det härligt att fÃ¥ alla sina vita textilier riktigt fina!Det är ju sÃ¥ ljust ute sÃ¥ allt syns ju om det är det minsta solkigt!Ha en skön söndag!KramGabrielle

    • Gracias por estos sabios consejos, despues de leerlos me senti mas tranquila, me gustaron mucho, todo lo que lei es verdad, ojala lo pueda poner en practica para sanar mi cuerpo y mente, nuevamente gracias.

    • That kind of thinking shows you’re on top of your game

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