Coffee in Picksburgh?

I used to make mixed tapes.  I’m not sure what the kids make these days.  Imixes?  Somehow, that’s just not as meaningful.  So I turned my attention to something that seemed to have a bit more personality.  I started making coffee maps.  Sure, most of them are integrated into the reviews contained in this blog, but occasionally, I go out of my way to share purely unsupported, best guess coffee intelligence.  My best friend is finishing up a sabbatical in Pittsburgh and I have his word that he used this map pretty fanatically.  I think I may even have him on record saying that this coffee map serious improved the quality of life there for him and his family.

Now, (switching now to my best Pittsburgh accent) I can’t personally vouch fer this map’s accuracy or integrity since I haven’t managed to find my way to Picksburg fer a very long time n’at. I tried to use my friend as a reporter in da filled but yinz should have seen da stuff he submitted. Far too academical fer this sort of blogging. If I’m lucky, I might find my way again dere sometime soon – it’s been too long – but until then, I thought I’d share this wit da larger public in case yinz manage to find yinzes way to picksburg n’at.

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