San Diego Area Coffee

I’ll be spare with my words since I have little to add to my posts on San Diego area coffee other than that I wish I had managed to get to Zumbar’s and to try out the coffee cart outside of the Clairemont Mesa Kaiser offices – the latter simply because it sounds so fun.  Instead, I’ll simply note that my San Diego area coffee map is now up.  Enjoy.

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  • For me, a mix of smooth jazz tocehud with soul and sprinkled with blues contributes to enjoying the good-pot-of-coffee experience. My shop’s soundtrack would include: Tom Scott, The Brecker Brothers, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Stan Clark, Dave Grusin I’d play this from the time I opened in the morning till about 11:am this music is great background music! It’s what I use to play in my gift shop back in the day. It doesn’t detract from their shopping experience. It fills space without being obnoxious.Then, to pick things up for the Lunch Break Crowd without raising their blood pressure, I’d play early Stevie Wonder, Bruce Hornsby, Earth Wind and Fire, Bela Fleck, Marty Stuart for a little twang, Dweezil Zappa, some Santana, Styx, Sugarloaf then segue into some heavier sounds to wrap up the day.But that’s just me!

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