Looking for D.C. Area Coffee?

Having visited only two cafes in the greater Washington, D.C. area, I’m hardly in a place to dispense with anything but hasty generalizations about the D.C. coffee scene. If I did have to dabble in such fallacies, however, I’d comment on the fact that coffee in D.C., like much of the rest of the country, seems to be improving rapidly. At the same time, that progress is tempered by the fact that this good coffee comes mostly from roasters outside the D.C. area. The two exceptions are Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, which is still difficult to find, and Caffe Pronto, which is out of Annapolis.

But since I don’t have more to share about cafes I’ve visited, I thought I’d share some insight into many of those I wish I had time to explore. Adding to the maps section of this blog, I give you this mostly speculative coffee treasure hunt of the Washington, D.C. area, which you can also access through the coffee map tab above.

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2 comments to Looking for D.C. Area Coffee?

  • I would like to invite you to come out to my coffeehouse – Caffe Amouri in Vienna, Va. We have only been opened two months but are already making inroads in our quest to become the absolute best coffeehouse in the DC area. We roast all of our own coffee and, in fact, just introduced a new espresso blend that is receiving very positive reviews from our customers – including several who have compared it favorably to espresso they had in Italy. Come on out. The first shots are on me :)

  • Jason

    Don’t forget Qualia in Petworth who roasts in house. Phenomenal coffee!

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